Lauren Evans

Los Angeles based actor | SAG-AFTRA

Born in Toronto to African parents, Lauren began performing and training as an actor at the age of five. Following the inevitable trajectory of many Canadian Actors, she graduated from George Brown Theatre school in 2001.

Working immediately and consistently on both stage and screen in Canada for several years brought her to a self reflective standstill, upon which she took a 2 year hiatus to live and work as a Monk teaching Shin Sun Do, Meditation and doing energy healing: all to take her Self and her art to greater depths.

Upon returning to stage and screen in 2006, Lauren had the fortune of being selected for admission into an actor's summer intensive, taught by Alec Baldwin in NY. There she received the mentoring moment needed to follow the impulse she had as a child.

So here she is in Los Angeles, waiting for godot, traffic to move, and working on a lot of other people's films.


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